David Muir is a renowned American journalist who has received huge fame in broadcasting world with his strong and adorable style of presenting television shows. David Muir is currently working as anchor for ABC News show ‘ABC World News Tonight with David Muir’.

He started his journalism career working as an anchor for WTVH television network. He dedicated five years of his life working with WTVH television channel. In 2000, after leaving WTVH he started working as anchor and reporter for ‘WCVB television network’. He served three years at the television network.

After earning work experience working in the several television networks, David became popular when he became associated with ABC News in 2003. He was initially appointed as an anchor of news show ‘World News Now’. In 2012, David started to get recognize in the media world when he was given his own television show called ‘World News with David Muir’. After a year in 2013, he was promoted to work as co-anchor of the ABC’s investigative journalism and news magazine program ‘20/20’. His effective reporting for the news magazine program resulted in large number of homeless children in United States.

Giving continuity to successful journalism career, David was appointed as lead correspondent of ABC network during ‘2012 U.S. Presidential election’. During the election period, he took an interview of Republican candidate, Mitt Romney. David mainly focuses on the economic issues and immigration policy of United States in the interview that he took with Mitt Romney.

Considering his dedication and hard work, David Muir was appointed as an anchor and managing editor of ‘ABC World News’ on 27th June, 2014. He succeeded another ABC news anchor Diane Sawyer to gain the position of managing editor and anchor of the show. David puts his first step towards broadcasting world on 1st September, 2014.

With passing a year of the show ‘World News Tonight with David Muir’, David Muir became one of the popular and on-demand broadcasting personalities of American media world. His television show was listed as most watched evening news show in news world where it surpassed the NBC’s popular show ‘Nightly News’.

He is considered as one of the highest paid journalists of the recent time. As of 2016, he is earning huge salary amount of $5 million dollars annually. Like his huge salary amount, he has also been successful to accumulate large amount of net worth from dedication time as an anchor for ABC News. David Muir has gathered huge net worth amount of $7 million dollars at the start of 2016.

David Muir is one of highly demanded journalists of the present journalism world. With his true dedication and hard work, he has been successful to list his name as number one journalist. Muir has covered report live from Ukraine for more than twenty years. He has also worked as reporter from Israeli-Lebanon during Israeli war. Either giving best at his work or his passion and love towards his work, David Muir has been falling in the eye of many broadcasting channels.

David Muir was chosen as an anchor of the show ‘ABC World News’ succeeding another television personality Diane Sawyer. It’s his incredible achievement and passion towards his work which has led him to gain such a success in his career.