Having someone you can spend your life with is no simple thing. There are people who cannot even get a date and it can be quite frustrating.

Often, when you fall in love for the first time it can be exciting. This wears down when life gets busy. You need to be intentional to keep the relationship strong. This involves doing the following for your partner:


1. Hug Them

A hug is a simple and straightforward way to show that you care. It is a way of showing intimacy within a short period of time and making your partner feel loved.

The power of the hug lies in bodily contact. It is not as intimate as a kiss but still shows you love or care for your partner. If you see them first thing in the morning in the kitchen as they make breakfast, hug them from behind.

When you get home from work, make an effort to hug your partner as well. The type of hug you give communicates a lot as well.

A loving hug for your partner should linger long enough to pass the message. Side hugs are more effective with siblings and other relatives.

When it comes to your partner, you want to hug them without having any divided attention, no matter how brief it is.


2. Kiss Them

A kiss is another sign of affection. Kisses are intimate and only offered to people you really care about, not just random people. It is therefore important to make kissing a daily thing for you and your partner.

You can choose to make kissing your partner the first thing that you do every morning. Once you get back from work, try your best to kiss your partner after the long day or even before you go to bed. This will go a long way.

You do not even have to do a kiss on the mouth to show that you care. You can opt for a quick peck on the cheek or on the forehead.

If you would like to make it more intimate, special or even fun, you can kiss your partner on the nose if they like that kind of thing.


3. Smile

Research shows that babies smile in the womb. This supports the fact that smiling is essential. You cannot be a grumpy person who does not exercise those smile muscles.

Smiling brightens the mood of whoever is seeing the smile as well as your own. Smiling at your partner every day is a good way to help maintain your relationship. When life becomes hard or tough, laughing and smiling is not too common.

Sometimes the tough situation is in the way you relate with each other. Maybe you have been fighting a lot lately. All of this can lead to a gloomy homestead or relationship.

Your partner might even be unable to have a conversation with you since you cannot be cheered up or you are unresponsive to any attempts.

Smiling with your partner, especially when things are tough, is very important. It brings about hope and lifts the mood in your relationship.



4. Compliment Them

One of the best ways to help someone feel better is to compliment them. When you compliment someone, it lifts their mood and gives them something positive to appreciate about themselves.

Compliments are most effective in the morning since you get to have an awesome day. However, even mid-day and evening compliments go a long way, especially when they are specific and not just general.

Partners tend to have a lot going on in their lives and you may never know how a compliment will boost their self-confidence. When he or she is leaving for work in the morning, tell them they look good.

If you are heading for a date or a dinner, let them know they look good to appreciate the effort put in. Aside from external attributes such as a great smile or nice eyes, compliment your partner about their character.

Also complioment other attributes such as kindness, generosity, compassion, hardworking nature and so on.


5. Spend Time Together

One of the love languages that people have is quality time. When you spend time with your partner, they know that you care. You do not even have to do something extravagant or special.

You could cook together, have dinner or breakfast together, drive to work together or even read the paper together. These small things matter more than you know.

The effectiveness of spending time together is not in the quantity but the quality of time. Take time to have a conversation, discuss matters that are important to both of you, read books together, play a game or watch television together.

The point is to offer your significant other your undivided attention. If you are watching television together but you are constantly on your phone, then this might actually achieve the opposite of what spending time is intended to. Even if you have only one hour, make it count.


6. Listen to Them

One of the best things you can do for your partner is to listen to them. Often, people get used to someone and a familiarity grows. Their opinion or stories do not matter as much anymore and it seems as though you take each other for granted.

A simple solution to this is to listen to each other. Whether it is at the breakfast table, on your drive to work, during a phone call, at dinner or in a serious discussion about major decisions, you need to listen to your partner.

It does not matter how long you have been together, the fact remains that you can never fully know a person. The only way to keep learning is to be attentive.

Even when it comes to you, you never fully know yourself. You keep discovering new things about yourself. The same applies to your partner.



7. Encourage Them

Perhaps your partner has a lifelong dream that they have not been able to pursue. It is upon you to encourage them to step out and try new things. This way, they can live life to the fullest without regrets.

Many partners discourage each other and are not supportive of the other person’s goals and dreams. This can stifle someone’s talents, abilities and potential.

If you have the financial or physical capacity to help in fulfilling your partner’s dreams and visions, plug in and help them. This is also a form of encouragement. Encouragement also comes in handy in negative or challenging situations.

When your partner has had a long day, gotten into a misunderstanding with their boss, employee or relative, encourage them by listening and offering to help where possible.

If things are not going well, let them know that they will be better and offer support wherever you can.


8. Say Thank You

People tend to overlook the role that their partners play in life. It is easy to assume that you have earned everything you have through hard work and intellect.

This is not always the case as people support you in one way or another, especially life partners. Thank your partner for the input they have in your life.

If you have children, a business or a shared venture, thank your partner for the support and everything they do to ensure that things work well.

Finally, always say thank you to your partner for choosing you. He or she did not have to choose you. They had other options but they chose you, which should be an honor for you.

Overlooking the fact that you are a choice gives you a sense of entitlement and might even make you take your partner for granted. If you say thank you, you remind yourself of how lucky you are.


9. Tell Them You Love Them

Actions speak louder than words. That is very true. However, it does not mean that you should not use your words to communicate how you feel. No matter how in tune you are with your partner, you need to say “I love you” to communicate that you actually love them.

It does not matter how many times you compliment them, take them out for special dates or even share your life with them. You still need to say you love them.

You could do this through a text or an email in the middle of the day when your partner least expects it.

However, you still need to occasionally say it through a phone call or in person. A vocal “I love you” in person is more precious than through a text or just a voicemail message.

It has that extra touch. There is no compromise when it comes to this.