When it comes down to our favorite pet, we left no stones unturned to care them and make them look attractive and beautiful as much as possible. But there are some people in the world who gives their puppy some awful and ludicrous haircut as if they are taking out some revenge or frustration. Every dog is born with special features and quality so all haircuts are not meant to justify their image. After all the embarrassment is to be faced by these poor dogs.

Hippo Penguins dog haircut

In this haircut, the dogs are styled more of like a lion with the big bird for a back and hippo & penguin legs.

The look of this dog is absolutely funny but we are not so sure whether all these animals belong to the same climate. They still compliment well together.

Hammerhead Poodle

These dogs are groomed and dyed to look more like fictitious characters. After the transformation and all the haircuts are done, they will look more alike panda’s horses or Muppets. However, they still manage to look pretty amusing.


Looking to these dogs you’ll have an eccentric feeling like welcome to Disney land. These dogs are painted and styled some of the famous Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.


These dogs can surely bewilder you for once as they look exactly like a mini buffalo. Well to give this sort of look, some hair from their body parts is shaved and to add more, the loss part is styled as per the taste of the owner.

Mohawk haircut

When Mohawks are styled on people, it’s amazing but when it’s tried on the dog, well it’s not so good and appears to be a least adorable creature on the planet. The style appears to be a total fail in many of the cases but in some cases, the dogs carry a good look in the style.



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