We see memes every day and it becomes more fun when we can relate those to our life. We also face several situations in our life which is awful but still funny and memorable. Here are some memes which you are most likely to relate in your life.

The Truth about shopping

Shopping is probably one of the best thing human can do on earth. But it is not always the same for everyone. Going with mother, wife, or children is a whole disaster for sure and sometimes online shopping can be disastrous too.

Running??? Say What !!!

Everyone wants to be in shape, actually without exercising. Running is not everybody's cup of tea as its only food that runs on the mind. Okay just kidding! the actual running is fun but may not end as you have started.

Sorry !!! What's your name?

Forgetting birthdays is okay but name… it is more than okay. It is one of the awkward moments when someone you met before calls you by your name but opps you don’t remember theirs.

Missed School.. Did something exciting happen?

School days are amazing it is the most exciting when you miss your classes. Some students fairly tale come true when I am the one who is absent for the day. And it is automatically a test day the other day.



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