Life never goes as we plan and in some point, we find ourselves in unexpected situations.  We usually run after those people or things that are not quite important to be chased. Sometimes we tend to move in a wrong way that is quite dangerous for us.

Every people have dozens of complaints with their life regarding love, success, time, and much more. We also have complaints relating to our works, waking up early morning, someone liking us less or even more, weather… okay, the list never goes down. However, there are many ways you can change it.

Simple changes in our habits and a little plan work really well. There are many types of research done concerning people's unhappiness in their life. People working in small firm taking their work as passion are much happier than those employs of established companies.  

These are 10 brand new habits that will improve your life in a good way. It will help you be confident, encouraged and foremost it will make you feel happy for being alive. You will be motivated to wake up out of bed in great enthusiasm, have quick breakfast, complete your everyday task, and fall asleep early.


1. Eradicate unhealthy people

Have you heard a research about fast-food company's logo making people impatient don’t you think it goes same with people. Fast-food may only toxic for the stomach but noxious people will make an impact in your whole life. Seeing them will corrode your quality life bringing negative vibes.

Toxic people do not bring any happiness in your life and they should not be added as a part. Your life will simply become harder which makes your unproductive. The best thing you can do is avoid those bad emotions vampires as far as possible. But don’t

Seeing them will corrode your quality life bringing negative vibes. Toxic people do not bring any happiness in your life and they should not be added as a part. Your life will simply become harder which makes your unproductive. The best thing you can do is avoid those bad emotions vampires as far as possible. But don’t

But don’t mistake your twinkling diamonds to those bad influences and let them go. Analyze who makes you happy and with whom you can be the actual you.

People who are non-hazardous do not want you to change and make you comfortable when they are around. They never complain even they do it's for your good. So keep those precious people rather peeping around with unhealthy people.


2. Get Organized

Organizing does not only mean minimizing time but also things and stuffs around you. Making a plan and scheduling things in your life helps a lot in lessening the burden, confusion, and time waste. Whereas organizing your

Whereas organizing your stuff like clothes, kitchen, mobile apps, stored documents, and other stuff you go through daily. The simple thing is seeing things in order makes your mind calm, you come home late see the mess around you will be more tempered.

You are late for office and want to book a taxi but you don’t find the app you want. Or seeing unwanted documents on your desktop adds more pressure when you reach office and listen to boss's complaints.

If you still think it won't work try doing these things like writing things down, prepare schedules and deadlines, keep around only necessary things, throw or hide unwanted or less wanted stuff, hand over responsibilities and make back-ups for everything. Just wait for a miracle.


3. Make time for your self

Have a 'Me' time, be with people you love or visit places you like, eat tons of kinds of stuff you want, cuddle with your dog, have a pajama movie time at home or anything you want.

Just do it! This will make you happy from inside. You can also refresh your sweet memories with your best friend talking about school and college days. The other thing you can do is cook your favorite food or spend time with your parents and guardians.

If you are a book lover grab your darling book, lock the door, take some strong coffee and snacks, and have a good time. Doing all the stuff you love will revive you and make you see everything in a positive manner. You will forget the argument with your boss, fight with your lover or friend, or whatever thing that is making you what you are not.



4. Try saying 'No'

We know you love helping out other but sometimes it okay to say no. "No" is a word which we don’t want to listen and expect the same from other people but it is good sometimes. It is scientifically proven that people who cannot say no experience more stress and even depression.

Saying no can be a major self-control challenge for many of us. You can replace it by saying 'I'm not certain' or 'I don’t think I can do it' or 'I'm afraid I cannot'. This helps to make time for yourself and complete your stuff.

When you keep on saying yes and give your time to other you can lack behind in everything. First set your time and task make sure that your work basket is empty. Before saying yes remember these: What is the goal area of my life? Is not my life goal to me? and What makes you closer to your goal 'Yes' or 'No'?


5. Say no to gadgets while in bed

Sleep it the most important thing in life which is kind-of taken away by the modern technologies. We spend plenty of time scrolling our phones and tabs when we are in the bed. This is one of the most harmful and unproductive.

You will not have a quality sleep which automatically effects the next day. It may raise irritation and your energy level will get down. By the time it is evening you will have no energy left to deal with the thing that is waiting to hit on you.

You can better plan for the next day or think about the things you did the day. Or grab a book and read for a while or even talk to your partner or listen to some of your favorites. This will make you productive and energizes you.


6. Appreciate the here and now

You can only be happy if you are able to appreciate thing and accept what is happening. Thinking about things you don’t or cannot have disappoints you. You will start being unhappy in your life and blame yourself for it which brings negativity in life.

Happy Go! is the best thing you can do. Value things and people around you, make them stick to you. It is far better than running behind those which brings dissatisfaction and frustration. We are sure that you want high bank balance, latest phones, glamour, fast cars, and so on. But try to see happiness in small things.

You are just fooling yourself but wanting things that you cannot have in your life. Just because you cannot afford a big mansion or high priced food or champagne does not mean you must be unhappy. Find goodness in every simple thing that comes on your way.



7. Understand things aren't as you see them to be

Like now you have learned that things are to be appreciated as they are you be sure to all your perception is not correct too. We unquestionably want to be right in every way and want to be cheered for our work. Nevertheless, we cannot be correct from every means.

You must see a certain thing from a different dimension. Remember you are not a fortune teller. The person whom you think is rich and happy may be dissatisfied with his life. He may not be having a perfect life as per you think.

All you have to be is the one who is open to possibilities as life is a store of surprises. The things you see from your prospects may not be as you see or think.


8. Stick to realistic goals

People want more from life and in the chase of wanting more, we forget to be a realistic. Like you want to lose some kilos and started a good diet plan and exercises. Don’t assume you will be reducing your weight more than you can.

If you fail to do so all it brings is dissatisfaction along with guilt. The sense of failure arises on your head and you are likely to never try again. For some people, it is a challenge which is worth taking but remember things never goes as we want.

It is better to want think as per your limitation or reach. This motivates you and wants to do things more. You will never be unhappy with the things you do in life. That is the power of being a realistic person.


9. Trust yourself and learn to forgive

Trusting self is being confident.  Everyone has their own abilities, strengths, and weakness. No one is same in this world and you are unique in your own way. Realizing this will help you love yourself and be the happy and successful person in life.

Accepting the weak points we have and trying to remove them makes us stronger too. Also, trust yourself that you have the strength to forgive. Carrying grudges will weigh you down and disturb your mind.

Instead of planning a revenge plot better make some trip plan to somewhere you always wanted to be with your near ones.  Letting all the bad and negative thoughts go away also helps you sleep like a carefree child. So trust yourself and learn to forgive.



10. Be outgoing

Being a couch potato is not letting you see the world so go out and visit places or at least out of your house. Analyzing environment, smelling flowers, talking to neighbors, and viewing the sunset can make a whole difference in your life.

As per a research outgoing, people are emotionally stable. They are also happier in their later life than people who stay alone. Meeting new people, sharing your happy movements, sharing foods and others will defiantly make you happy.

The other thing is you are not haunted by different unwanted thoughts and you will be reserved for new things and experiences. Being social makes you more active and energetic and primary happier.