What do you find attractive in women? Women unlike men are always sensitive on their physical looks and would go an extra mile to put a positive image of themselves in public. They always feel happy when they are complimented on their great hair, beautiful face, size-eight figure and many other aspects. Some women prefer remaining in their natural bodies while others would do such things as bleaching their skin color, do plastic surgery, use pills and other means in order to change their body into their desired shape, skin color or size. Those who resort to chemical means normally would want to change the size of their boobs, hips and the butt. These are the most sensitive parts of any woman. Here is a list of women celebrities with amazing and hottest shape and who are happy to maintain their bodies naturally.


Beyonce has a successful singing career and a wife to Jay-Z. She has great legs, hips and a booty that can leave any man staring behind. She has also a chest that is admirable and portrays her elegant figure well.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is a movie star who has featured in movies like The Avengers and Captain America. She is voted highly as one of the hottest women in the Maxim and FHM publications. She has a beautiful natural body figure.

Kim Kardashian

She is one of the confident sexy Hollywood stars. She loves her natural body very much. Her fans always go crazy when they see her beautiful chest, hips and booty.

Halle Berry

She was heckled that her boobs were uneven but her response, that is what happens when they are real, left her heckler astonished. She loves her beautiful natural body. Though she is almost 50 years old, she looks 30 due to her well cared body.

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks has an ample chest that can cause any man a sleepless night. She is famous for her talent in Mad Men. She has a beautiful face and great body that is naturally maintained.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara is widely known for her role in the ABC series Modern Family. She has a curvaceous body. Apart from being an actress, she is also an entrepreneur, comedian, television hostess and a producer. She is humble and focused on her career.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Hewitt is a Hollywood star who featured in movies like know what you did Last Summer and Ghost Whisperer. She is a beauty to behold on the television screen. There are rumors that she once did cosmetic surgery to her boobs but she has never confirmed the rumors.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry proved to be a tomboy with a classic sex appeal when her video I Kissed a Girl was released. She later advanced to be an international sex symbol. In her songs like Roar and California Gurls, she has glamorous and sexy looks with her ample chest. She is famous and popular in her career.

Kate Upton

Kate has a curvaceous body that can leave any man salivating for her. She came to limelight when she started to show off her curves as a full-figured model. At 23 years now, she has chances of appearing in cover adverts and features and in sport illustrated photo shoots.

Jessica Simpson

Apart from her melodious voice, Jessica Simpson has groundbreaking body features that make her a real beauty to behold. She has an ample chest and lovely face that are natural and well maintained.

It is good that you maintain your body naturally to avoid many expenses and other side effects that come as a result of the chemicals you use on your body.



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