What do you find attractive in women? Women unlike men are always sensitive on their physical looks and would go an extra mile to put a positive image of themselves in public. They always feel happy when they are complimented on their great hair, beautiful face, size-eight figure and many other aspects. Some women prefer remaining in their natural bodies while others would do such things as bleaching their skin color, do plastic surgery, use pills and other means in order to change their body into their desired shape, skin color or size. Those who resort to chemical means normally would want to change the size of their boobs, hips and the butt. These are the most sensitive parts of any woman. Here is a list of women celebrities with amazing and hottest shape and who are happy to maintain their bodies naturally.



Scarlett Johansson

Kim Kardashian

Halle Berry

Christina Hendricks

Sofia Vergara

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Katy Perry

Kate Upton

Jessica Simpson



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