Get ready! The robots are coming to take your jobs. The world has witnessed the vicissitudes before and will see it in coming days. Previously, it was an industrial revolution but in the future technology will replace the mankind.

The world is rapidly changing Just like the futuristic movies. By 2027, don’t expect to see human behind the wheel or performing surgeries by 2053. The things that seem fiction a decade ago are now actually real. No any sign of stopping the technologies revolution as they are increasing at alarming rate.

With these blooming scenarios, many college degrees have outdated. To fight with this complex situation, the solution is to generate educated workforce. Be cautious and choose your college degree that will be pertinent in a robotic world. Here is the list of 10 college degrees that will be extinct in next 20 years.


1. Accounting Degree

Modern technologies and computerization are likely to replace accountants in future. No companies needed an accountant when they have a computer with Quickbooks, Turbo Tax, and H & R Block. Most of the companies are choosing online taxing as they are cheaper and convenient compared to human beings.

Although, multinational-national companies still hire an accountant. It’s important to reminisce that business always pursuit for best delivery in cheap rate. It’s for sure that human can’t perform at the same speed as the technology does in cut costs. So, there is a high probability that business chooses computers over accountants.  

To be fit in the hi-tech world, you need to be less crunching and more intuition. The best alternative to replace accountancy is finance or economic degree that can be fruitful and vivacious for your future.


2. Hospitality and Tourism Degree

Modern computers have proven that they can do better than humans. Numerous jobs related to hospitality and tourism are likely to obsolete. As all of you have seen the kiosks at the airport that used to check in.

Several positions in hotels are choosing machines over humans and the trend is changing at an alarming rate. Earning a degree in Hospitality and tourism seems to be a blunder as most of these industries can easily be traded by technology.

Nowadays, the trend for travel agents and hotel desks agents are actually deteriorating. It’s really hard to get the travel agent job. People are opting online research and use travel website for the best option to travel.

3. Broadcast communication Degree


In the early 2000s, TV was the lives of people but now there is a trend of the internet for entertainment and news. Although broadcast communications may exist for next 20 years surely it’ll be replaced by online media and communication.

Information is the most expensive thing on the planet. Nowadays, we communicate, deliver and gather information through the internet. With smartphones, we are changing our ideas every day. Everything that seems virtual a decade ago is now real.

Now, you can imagine how the world would be after 20 years. Every time the communication is changing from Snapchat to Facebook. Broadcast communication is no longer the main news terminal and is outdated.  

4. Pharmacy Degree

Technology has brought revolution inside the drug store as they don't need a pharmacist. Most of the drug store is coming up with an idea of an automatic pick up and drop off.

Prescriptions are filled up by the advanced technological machines. They are fast, consistent and cheap compared to the compounder.  Dwindle of compounders in next 20 years wouldn’t be a surprise as the world is transforming rapidly with modern tools.

To adjust in the automated world, you should be insight. Instead of opting, this pharmacy degree you should go for a doctor or nurse degree for a dynamic career.


5. Paralegal degree

The paralegal degree is on the brink of extinction in the next 20 years. Everything is possible and can be done by the modern computers. Technologies have replaced the human positions in many organizations.

Most of the paralegal works and duties that human used to perform including researchers and filing can easily be done with the help of advanced computers. Filing can be done online without human aid.

So be ready technology are making you jobless as they are smarter and cut cost. It’s not surprising if computer replaces humans in next 20 years. It’s time to make yourself insight to live.

6. Library Sciences

Library Sciences degree is on the verge of extension with the inventions of modern technology. Have you ever thought what will be the role of the librarian in next two decades?


In this world of technology, with the invention of different kinds of software library processes like lending and borrowing of books and journals are accomplished within a minutes. The software not only works for lending & borrowing but also does several activities like restocking and its arrangements.

This has resulted in the declination of the students who are really interested to pursue their degree of library science as well as the fall in Library related jobs. Also, a person who is able to run the software can be hired instead of several numbers of employees.

7. Botany Zoology

Before few years, there was an innumerable craze of students who want to take Botany and Zoology as their major even they get qualified for a medical degree.

However, the situation changed and these courses are on their way losing its popularity. Students nowadays are more interested in medicine, dentistry, Neurology and similar degrees. Students these days do not bother to waste their three years in university learning about plants and animals.


8. Administrative Assistant

Like other degrees, the Administrative assistant degree is losing its shine. You may be quite aware of the practices of hiring secretaries and assistant by those persons who are working at the senior administration level.

These days with the inventions of smartphones and laptops, the duty of arranging plans and schedules are made so easy. A person can easily make his/her routines in his smartphones through the different mobile application.

In this scenario, there is a huge fall in the students who want to get an administrative assistant degree.

9. History

Students who prefer history as their major are declining so rapidly. Can you guess why it is so?


Students in this informative age do not want to capture unnecessary burden of huge information in their mind. Information that is stored in their history books is well available on their computers and Tablets via the internet. So, whoever wants to know the exact piece of knowledge about history can be traced with a single click or single swipe?

10. Slavic languages

The world is getting smart with smart technologies. You may be well acquainted with the invention of different language translations devices.

Mobile phones and internet have brought an easy communication way resulting to eliminate the language barriers.

Hence students do not have to learn all the Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian languages. Due to this students are shifting their career towards other profitable and futuristic courses.