Here is a list of 10 celebrities who've looked worse with age than one would expect. As they've gotten older, these famous stars have become more and more unattractive.


Saul Hudson better known by his stage name Slash, is a British-American musician and songwriter. He is best known as the lead guitarist of the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, with whom he achieved worldwide success in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

During his later years with Guns N' Roses, Slash formed the side project Slash's Snakepit. After leaving Guns N' Roses in 1996, he co-founded the super group Velvet Revolver, which re-established him as a mainstream performer in the mid to late 2000s.

Slash has since released three solo albums: Slash(2010), featuring an array of famous guest musicians, and apocalyptic A Love (2012) and World on Fire (2014), recorded with his band, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. He returned to Guns N' Roses in 2016, nearly 20 years after he had left.

Lindsay Lohan

Gone are the smooth cheeks, bright smile, and wide eyes. Between rampant drug and alcohol use and Lohan's reported Botox and collagen injections, she has turned herself into a bleach-blonde skank.

The circles under her eyes are getting harder to cover up and the substance abuse has turned her skin into something resembling sandpaper. Discounting all that, her behavior makes her even uglier, between the entitled attitude and general lack of brains.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love, now 48, rocked the acting and music industry when she was in her 20s. Then, she took a hiatus from Hollywood and reportedly stripped to support herself, dealt with depression and anger, used marijuana, cocaine, and heroine, and had a rocky marriage to Kurt Cobain that ended with his suicide.

Love is seen here at the Roberto Cavalli Spring/Summer 2012 fashion show in Italy on September 26, 2011.

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Carson Culkin is an American actor. He became famous as a child actor for his role as Kevin McCallister in the family comedy Home Alone and its sequel Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

"Mack", as he's known to his close friends and family, first came into showbiz at the age of 4, appearing in a string of Off-Broadway shows such as the New York City Ballet's The Nutcracker and, by 8 years-old, the films Rocket Gibraltar (1988) and See You in the Morning (1989), which included him in the rare company of kids who have received rave reviews from The New Yorker and The New York Times.

Ozzy Osbourne

John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. He rose to prominence in the early 1970s as the lead vocalist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

THE ‘Prince of Darkness’ has opened up about cheating on his wife of over three decades and the effects it has had on his marriage and family.

Meg Ryan

Meg, like so many Hollywood actresses, fell into that black hole of getting a little work done. Her collagen-blown lips changed shape from month to month for a while, and the plastic surgery she's had done has changed her face completely.

No longer fresh-faced and beautiful, now she looks hard, tacky, and lower-class. When thin becomes scrawny and your skin is stretched so tight it's shiny, you're trying too hard, girlfriend.

Val Kilmer

Now, not so much. It's not that he's gotten old, wrinkled, and gray. It's just that the Val Kilmer of today looks like he ate his old counterpart, he's so huge.

Sporting a Meatloaf-lookalike hair style, the stringy locks go past his shoulders, and his scruffy beard looks more like he just forgot to shave for the past couple of days, instead of like anything on purpose.

He's got a bad habit of showing up on beaches with his stomach hanging far over his pants, and his need for a man-bra creeping out the other beachgoers.

Britney Spears

Guess she sang a hit me baby one more time a few too many times.

At one point during the new millennium, Britney Spears was considered the sexiest pop star on the planet. Britney's prime was short lived however when things immediately went down hill after an ugly break-up with fellow pop star Justin Timberlake.

Britney Jean Spears is an American singer, dancer, and actress. Born in McComb, Mississippi, and raised in Kentwood, Louisiana, she performed acting roles in stage productions and television shows as a child before signing with Jive Records in 1997.


Madonna Louise Ciccone is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. A leading presence during the emergence of MTV in the 1980s, Madonna is known for pushing the boundaries of lyrical content in mainstream popular music, as well as visual imagery in music videos and on stage.

She has also frequently reinvented both her music and image while maintaining autonomy within the recording industry. Besides sparking controversy, her works have been acclaimed by music critics. 

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot (is a French actress, singer, dancer and fashion model, who later became an animal rights activist.

She was one of the best known sex symbol of the 1950s and 1960s and was widely referred to by her initials, B.B. Bardot was an aspiring ballerina in her early life. She started her acting career in 1952.

After appearing in 16 routine comedy films that had limited international release, she became world-famous in 1957 after starring in the controversial film And God Created Woman. Bardot caught the attention of French intellectuals. 



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